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What’s 19NoMore?

The wide world of sports came face to face with COVID-19 on March 11, 2020 and the grim reality resulted in a halt to all of the sports we love over the ensuing weeks. Sports fans are action orientated and passionate and should not sit on the sidelines. So let’s coach from the couch! Let’s rally and collectively petition the sports associations and leagues to stand united and eliminate the #19 from the field of play like doctors and researchers are racing to eliminate COVID-19 from our lives.

Sports will be back, but it will be in the midst of a “new normal”. Moving forward, we are suggesting that the new normal does not include the #19 on sports bibs, cars, hats, jerseys, sweaters, t-shirts etc. as a tribute to the trials and tribulations we are all facing, but will ultimately overcome.

What’s “Clear to Cheer”?

 A recent survey from Seton Hall University indicated 72% of Americans would not attend professional sporting games until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.  Our objective is to play a small role in ensuring that fans of all sports can confidentially and safely return to enjoying their favorite teams live because they are “Clear to Cheer”.  While doctors and researchers are racing to eliminate COVID-19 from our lives, proceeds from 19NoMore t-shirts will go to support the CDC Foundation, Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Response Fund and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund or WHO.

Lets unite together on this fight.

Petition The Powers

Asking Leagues To Say 19NoMore

How We Do it

We are not asking teams to remove retired #19’s from the rafters. We are not discounting the accomplishments of retired superstars we are just asking to eliminate the memory of COVID-19 from the field of play upon return to the field of play via the #19nomore Challenge as follows:

Globally Unite
Unite all fans of all sports to use this online platform to respectfully petition to join this cause and no longer issue the #19 to their players moving forward.
Ask current athletes that wear #19 to change to #91 or their second favorite #.

However, players currently wearing #19 can be grandfathered if they are so inclined, which will help flatten the number.

Recommend that a ceremony be held at the first home game back honoring the front liners who fought COVID-19, while also acknowledging those who suffered and or perished. In addition, acknowledge the leadership of current players and officials wearing #19 who have agreed to switch numbers.
Place an order for an honorary 19nomore t-shirt that will be produced post pandemic. The design will feature the 19nomore logo on the front and if granted permission all of the association and league logos on the back that agreed to no longer use the #19 on their uniforms.

Be Safe - Be Healthy - Be Engaged

Let’s Rally

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